Leave behind the printed catalogues and try the EvoClub system!

Specially for clubs, we developed the EvoClub Admin and EvoClub Guest series applications due to which you no longer need to print catalogues and waste your time searching for a song through numerous pages. On your tablets, there will always be an up-to-date e-catalogue featuring a convenient song search.

EvoClub admin series

The company’s branded application that is installed on an iPad.
The iPad is at the disposal of the administrator or KJ.


Convenient search in the electronic catalogue

You can find a song by artist, title, lyrics and code.

Sending an order for a song to the sound engineer (KJ)

You can send an order for a song to the sound engineer. And also, to assign the ‘Crazy’ status to a song.

View the song queue

You will always see any changes in the queue list.

Conducting a chat with the sound engineer (KJ) and the club’s guests

Need to clarify anything or want to compliment a guest? Write to him or her in the chat of the application.

EvoClub guest series

The company’s branded application that is installed on the club’s tablets.
These tablets are at the disposal of the karaoke club’s guests.

Technical requirements for Android tablets: 7” or 10.1” capacitive display, at least 1 GB RAM,
dual core processor of 1 GHz or higher, Android 4.1 OS or higher versions.
Correct work is guaranteed only on devices certified by Google. You can see the list of supported devices by clicking on this link

Printed material

Specially for your convenience, we have developed sets of printed material that you can use at your karaoke club.

Still have questions?

We are sure that you will find the answers on the "Support" page or write to us.