E-catalogues of songs, offering the possibility to send your order to the sound engineer, as well as an internal chat between the club’s guests on the Wi-Fi network.

What does EvoClub consist of?

Evolution Pro2 karaoke system
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Administrator’s IPad

A specialized application
with advanced features for
the administrator.

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Tablets on the club’s tables

The company’s branded application
for the club’s guests,
which is installed on the club’s tablets.

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Smartphone of the club’s guest

The application on the smartphone
of a karaoke club’s guest.

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Application for clubs


In the electronic catalogue, you can find a song by artist, title, lyrics and code.


Being in any part of the hall, you can send an order for a song to the sound engineer.


Conducting an internal chat between the sound engineer, administrator and guests of the club.

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For the clubs, we have developed 2 types of tablet applications: EvoClub Admin and EvoClub Guest series.

Application for the club’s visitors

Song catalogue on your smartphone

EvoClub User series is the company’s branded application to be installed on the club’s guest’s smartphone.